The Spoony Chronicles

Spoony Ruins Everything: Part 1 of the Spoony Chronicles

Spoony is nine years old, and he ruins everything. If he is on your team, you know you will lose. He’s that kind of kid. He can’t play kickball, he can’t get Duck Duck Goose right, and he makes people cry at birthday parties.

Today is Jenny Barnes’ birthday party, and she does not want Spoony there because her Aunt Sara will be there, and she does not want Spoony to embarrass her the way he embarrassed Veronny Holman at her party when he mistook her grieving aunt for a clown. Her mom made her invite him though, so if he ruins the party, it will be all her fault, and she will hear about it, too. Oh yes she will!

Spoony Ruins Everything: Part One of the Spoony Chronicles, offers a hilarious and mysterious look into the inner workings of a child’s mind, as contrasted to the concerns of the adults in their lives. It is funny, thought provoking, and unrelentingly irreverent.

Spoony Kicks a Ball: Part 2 of the Spoony Chronicles

Spoony is a kid who ruins everything. He can’t play kickball. He can’t play Duck-Duck-Goose. And he thinks a fictional character on TV is his father. One day in P.E. class, an unprecedented urge to kick a ball takes hold of him resulting in the disintegration of lies that will forever alter his life, the life of his mom, and the life of the lanky Burt Peppermill.

Spoony Handles the Truth: Part 3 of the Spoony Chronicles
Coming soon!

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