Tarot Card Books by Jim Larsen

Jim Larsen has written three (so far) books about how to read tarot cards to appreciate their deeper meanings.

What’s Tarot Got To DO With It?
What’s Tarot Got To Do With It?

The power of Tarot goes beyond simple “fortune telling”. The true power of Tarot is in its ability to speak to us of ourselves as we truly are. Every archetype of tarot is a piece of the puzzle of who we are. To put this puzzle together is to see a complete picture of ourselves, both as individuals and as a species. Tarot offers a blueprint of our soul and a road map of our spiritual journey. To understand who we are on deep levels beyond the limits of logic is to be on a path to enlightenment. What’s Tarot Got to Do With It?: The Fool’s Path to Enlightenment illuminates this path. Seeing the path as it is for what it is puts us on the way to an enlightened life.

Double Oh Fool Guide to Tarot Mastery

Learning to read tarot cards is easier than most people realize. The Double Oh Fool Guide to Tarot Mastery will walk you through the fascinating world of tarot step by step, providing insights and guidance every step of the way. From understanding card meanings to learning how to read spreads, this is your guide to developing an intuitive approach to tarot.

The Pieces of You Tarot

Every tarot card represents a piece of who we all are. Think about it; how is it that cards always seem to resonate with us somehow? It’s because we are the archetypes, all 78 of them. Each is a piece of us. 

There is the piece of us that is the Fool, willing to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. There is the piece of us that is the Devil, still dealing with shadows from the past. There is the Seven of Pentacles piece of us that must find patience to let things happen in the time they take to happen. There is the Three of Cups piece of us that desires to celebrate and share good times with others. The list of pieces goes on. 

To understand each card is to understand ourselves on a deep level. It is to know what thrills us, repels us, turns us on, and turns us off. It is to know what triggers us, inspires us, and captivates us. There is a universality to the archetypes. What we discover within our self, we will see reflected in others. In this, our oneness is illuminated. 

The Pieces of You Tarot: Illuminating the Archetypes Within guides you through the journey of discovery that the archetypes of tarot offer. It goes far beyond the surface meaning of each tarot card into deep, soul level understandings. It is for when you are ready to truly know who you are. The Pieces of You Tarot: Illuminating the Archetypes Within is the definitive resource for understanding our collective existence.

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